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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Local Favorite! Brick & Brew--Havertown, PA

Sometimes I feel like our neighborhood lacks a real American restaurant.

While we do have the occasional underperforming pub (See, The West Gate Pub) and, on the other hand, the failed high class American dine (See, The Saint James), our area has lacked a mid-priced and delicious American restaurant. This all changes with the new Brick & Brew restaurant and bar in Havertown, PA.

Brick & Brew occupies the small storefront of 2138 Darby Road. Walk inside and you're greeted by a brand new look. Creating a classy, gastropub feel unrivaled by any other local restaurant, Brick & Brew has chalkboards with the new cocktails and ever-shifting beer list, tables supported by makeshift antique iron pipes, tables crafted out of wine crates, and well decorated walls. Though the restaurant may seem cramped at happy hour, the small atmosphere is helped by its warmth and excitement. It's not claustrophobic, it's exciting.

But of course, what we really care about here at TeenwithTaste is the food. Though the menu is a little bit limited, nearly every dish is done well. After two visits I've tasted the large part of the menu. The menu is split into starters, salads, sandwiches, and, their specialty: pizza.

The starters can be a weak spot--I've had the chicken chowder special (below) that came out only lukewarm but was crafted with good pieces of meat and just could've been better. I've also had the smoked (hot) chicken wings--a very nice set of wings, better than most in the neighborhood. Finally, I've tasted the soft pretzel special, a cute idea that was definitely good but certainly a novelty.

The salads go either way--the plating is generally superb and the presentation is usually fabulous. Some salads, like the Cobb salad below, truly look great.

The sandwiches are an underrated favorite. The first time I went I tasted the short rib sandwich, a deliciously pungent sandwich packed with tender, juicy meat. The sandwich list could use a little bit of extension, though. Only 6-8 sandwiches are ever offered at one time. Sandwiches are an easy place for any small restaurant to take on some more work--I'd like to see Brick & Brew offer a few more special sandwiches on a daily basis in addition to expanding their menu as well.

The final stop on the menu is the winner--the pizzas. Brick & Brew has a wood burning oven, outset into the restaurant with a pizza bar where the diners can watch the pizza master chef sculpt and fire his pizzas. The pizza list is filled with imaginative options like the Sausage, Potato, and Egg pizza pictured below. Additionally, the Margherita and the Summer Vegetable pizzas are pictured. The pizzas were well done, if a little burned in places, but truly delicious. Nothing beats the freshness of being prepared in an oven right next to you, and you can definitely taste just that.

Try Brick & Brew soon! It's definitely a new
go-to restaurant for all of us who crave good-old American food.

To find more information on the
website, click here