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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who I am

This isn't just any food blog.
Born and being raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I've been cooking and eating ever since I could ask my mom to pass the salt. My palette seems much older than much age, which is but fifteen years old. I ate an elk steak before I could do my multiplication tables, and I knew how to properly dry rub a sirloin before I could tell you what the propane lighting my grill actually was.
Because I am so young, most would call my credibility into question. However, I spent 3 summers of my teen years at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill Culinary College in Philadelphia. I studied with chefs who knew their stuff. From one who worked at the Union Square Cafe in NYC to another that has one three different James Beard awards, including two best dinner awards. Though I might sound like just a little kid, there's clearly far more to me than one would think.
Finally, my mission when it comes to food is simple. I want to give others my opinions on my culinary experiences everywhere. Whenever I have a notable taste of cuisine, I'll write about it. Whether notable because it was delicious beyond belief or because it was vile and unpleasant, you can expect I'll give you the hard truth every time. Buckle up and open your stomaches for some food for thought from the Teen With Taste.

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