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Friday, June 7, 2013

Buffalo Wing Blunder--Duff's Wings, Buffalo, NY.

Hi Everyone!
Sorry it's been a little long since my last post, I've been pretty busy because of the whole "Junior Year" deal. Don't worry--I haven't stopped cooking or eating! Now that schools ending I'll get to blogging all the interesting spots I've been to and dishes I've tasted recently.

A few weeks ago I was on a family trip to Niagara Falls for my cousin's wedding. Our itinerary had us flying into Buffalo and then driving across the border into Canada. Before entering the land of maple syrup, I had one thing on my mind: BUFFALO WINGS! Though my favorite wings have always been those of "The Chicken or the Egg" in LBI, NJ (website is, check the CHEGG out!), I was open to suggestion.

In a bit of a frenzy, I googled "BUFFALO WINGS/BUFFALO/NY." Looking back, I should've been a little bit more careful. I came across message boards that all seemed to yield similar lists. The originator of the wing (Anchor Bar) was in the center of Buffalo and my parents said that was just too far out of the way. A runner-up on the list was a place called "Duff's" with numerous locations, one of which was nearby.

When we arrived at Duff's the appearance had me worried. Sure, a good wing joint doesn't need to be pretty. However, I had a bad feeling that the dinky little bar's wings would taste as boring as the bar looked.

For my meal I had wings and a side of fried pickles. Heeding their sign above (that they displayed in multiple areas of the restaurant) I simply had medium and not hot. I like wings--but I'm not crazy.

The wings I ordered are on the right. At first I just thought they looked like normal wings. When I tasted them...I wasn't surprised. They were just normal wings, maybe even sub-par. They had little meat on each bone and they were a tad bit over fried. The only redeeming factor was probably the big, exciting bucket they gave me to put my bones in. I might as well have just thrown the whole plate in the bucket because there was that little meat per wing anyway.

My mom ordered another Buffalo-area specialty, Beef on a Weck, hoping it would be an exciting new culinary try. However, just as the wings were, the beef was also disappointing. The Weck roll had too much kosher salt and it killed the sandwich. The roast beef also seemed to be of low quality, rendering it stringy.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I'm not usually this harsh or snobby. I don't know what to say--this was just an exception. As we got in our rental car after eating I looked at my mom and said "that kind of sucked."
"Yeah, it did," she said.

Duff's get's an overall star ranking of 1/5.
   The sauce and fried pickles were eh, otherwise Duff's would've received a 0.


  1. thank god! i thought you had stopped eating!

  2. accurate review - we still love the Chicken or the Egg best. summer can't come too soon.