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Sunday, January 25, 2015

BURGER MADNESS: The search for the best burger in East Village

Burgers are a staple of American life; the classic American meal. I've always been on a passive search for the best burger near my East Village apartment, and it's possible I might have just found it. No, it's not from The Brindle Room, which the classically unreliable Guy Fieri raved about on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. You also won't have to go uptown for it, like I irrationally thought I would as I made a trek up to the old-fashioned P.J Clarke's in Lincoln Center for the great looking--but fairly average tasting and awfully expensive--swiss burger with a fried pickle on top, seen below.

In fact, my favorite burger is right in my own backyard: at Whitman's, on 9th st. between 1st Av. and Avenue A. Whitman's, a hole-in-the-wall burger bar with extra table seating downstairs, serves up a signature burger, called "The Juicy Lucy," which just can't be beat. Unlike traditional burgers, the Lucy has its cheese on the inside instead of on top. Although I had seen this done before, Whitman's executed it more effectively than I had seen before. The Juicy Lucy, seen below, is my favorite burger--that I've tasted so far--in the Village.

Additionally, Whitman's offers other delicious bites, such as their fried pickles! Fried pickles seem to be at every bar nowadays, once a a staple. Whitman's may not have had the absolute best, but they were awfully tasty. Easily in my top three.

Next time you're looking for a classic, hearty burger, forget about the press and the chatter from Food Network and try out Whitman's. You will not be disappointed!

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